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Barry Bonds’ mistress Kimberly Bell testifies (Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011) One of the star witnesses in the Barry Bonds perjury trial took the stand Monday morning and gave very graphic and very intimate testimony about what she claims were physical changes in the former Giants slugger during their nine year relationship.

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Barry Bonds’ s former mistress. Details and Photos of Barry Bonds’s Former Mistress Kimberly Bell. Bell claims she was Bonds’s girlfriend for nine years.

SAN FRANCISCO – Barry Bonds’ former mistress told a jury Monday that Bonds suffered from shrunken testicles, acne, bloating, hair loss and impotence as a result of anabolic steroid use during their nine-year relationship. Kimberly Bell,

Kimberly Bell is the former mistress of home run record-setter Barry Bonds. Kimberly has been called on to testify about the role of steriods in Barry Bond’s baseball career.Bonds is now on trial for perjury. he’s been accused of lying while under oath about his use of performance enhancing drugs.

Kimberly Bell, Mistress of Barry Bonds, to Pose Nude in Playboy Barry Bonds will soon be the (heavily steroid-laden) home run king of baseball. In a few years, Alex.

Barry Bonds’ former mistress, Kimberly Bell, has testified in court. Investigative reporter, T.J. Quinn of ESPN, told viewers, Bell claimed Bonds told her steroids were the reason behind an elbow injury from 1999. Bell also told jurors.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Bonds’ former mistress testified Monday that the slugger blamed a 1999 elbow injury on steroid use. Called by federal prosecutors to the witness stand in Bonds’ perjury trial, Kimberly Bell said that she.

Apr 05, 2011  · On Monday, Bonds’ former mistress, Kimberly Bell, recounted that the former Giants star told her in 1999 that he had taken steroids to recover from elbow surgery. The next day, slugger Jason Giambi took the stand and stated that he had received a shipment of testosterone from Bonds trainer, Greg Anderson, in 2002.

Home run king Barry Bonds is being tried. Defense lawyers say Bonds fired Hoskins because he believed he was cheating him out of money in a memorabilia business. Nedrow has moved on to Kimberly Bell, Bonds’ longtime.

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Reporting from San Francisco — The former mistress of slugger Barry Bonds testified tearfully. the record for career home runs. Kimberly Bell, 41, a star witness for the prosecution, told the court she became Bonds’ girlfriend when.

If you're a baseball fan, I'm about to make you jealous. I can't tell you how many times I threatened to pinch myself through the years after walking into the Giants' clubhouse in either Scottsdale, Ariz., for Spring Training or during the regular season in San Francisco and seeing Major League royalty across the way. The two.

The mistress finally testified Monday in home run king Barry Bonds’ perjury trial. And the jury came away with a stark choice — Kimberly Bell is either a bitter, jilted ex-lover trying to cash in on her tawdry fame by humiliating her former.

Baseball homer run king Barry Bonds faces off against former teammates and an ex-girlfriend expected to testify about his sexual performance in a trial next week over whether he lied about taking steroids. A sparring match between.

Longtime San Francisco Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy will testify about Barry Bonds ‘ hat size. said former Giants teammate Bobby Estalella and former Bonds girlfriend Kimberly Bell will testify that Bonds told them he used.

Barry Bonds’ former girlfriend testified Monday that the ex-Giant confessed to her that he was using steroids, contending that "other players" were also using drugs to succeed in big-league baseball. Kimberly Bell, who says she dated the.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberly Bell — who was Barry Bonds’s girlfriend for nine years, spanning his two marriages — walked into the courtroom on Monday to testify at his perjury trial, and nearly everyone there turned to gawk at her.

Mar 28, 2011  · The Barry Bonds trial reached arguably its most dramatic moment (short of the verdict) as Bonds’ ex-girlfriend Kimberly Bell testified today. Bell was on the government witness list to describe physical and emotional changes in Bonds, as well as his admission of steroid use and his relationship with Greg Anderson.

SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberly Bell, her voice cracking, looked out at the court room and talked about the final stretch of her nine-year relationship with Barry Bonds. The greatest hitter of his era threatened "to cut my head off and leave me.

Yesterday’s testimony in the Barry Bonds perjury trial was an emotional slugfest, as Bonds’ former mistress testified about their emotional nine-year affair. Kimberly Bell was called to testify about Bonds’ angry outbursts, violent.

Baseball is as synonymous with America as mom, apple pie, and morbid obesity, which probably goes hand in hand with the apple pie. We’ve all heard the names Ruth.

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(See pictures of the evolution of Barry. called on Bonds’ former friend and business partner Steve Hoskins, who taped a conversation with Anderson in which the pair discussed Bonds’ drug use. The prosecution will also call Kimberly Bell,

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(Newser) – Barry Bonds’ ex-mistress took the stand in his perjury trial today. and testicles got smaller over the course of their nine-year relationship. Kimberly Bell, who maintained the relationship even after he told her he was marrying.

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has barred the jury from hearing angry voicemails Barry Bonds. to show that Bonds was experiencing so-called ‘roid rage when he left the messages demanding to know the whereabouts of.

Feb 12, 2005  · Barry Bonds’ Alleged Mistress Speaks Out. KIMBERLY BELL, BARRY. my work with Kimberly Bell on her story — remember Kimberly Bell was Barry Bonds.

Baseball legend Barry. Bonds’s former mistress has told a California court that he verbally abused her and threatened her with violence after he began using steroids. Called by federal prosecutors to the witness stand in Bonds’s perjury.

Kimberly Bell took her much-anticipated turn on the witness stand on Monday in the perjury trial of her former lover, Barry Bonds, and told the jury of the physical and emotional changes he underwent during their nine-year affair.

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Former mistress Kimberly Bell holds up under harsh questioning by Bonds’ attorney.

SAN FRANCISCO — Longtime San Francisco Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy will testify about Barry Bonds’ hat size. Giants teammate Bobby Estalella, and former Bonds girlfriend Kimberly Bell will testify Bonds told them he.

On Thursday a federal judge refused to allow the jury at Barry Bonds. voicemails to show that Bonds was experiencing so-called “roid rage” when he left the messages demanding to know the whereabouts of Kimberly Bell. But U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberly Bell, her voice cracking, looked out at the court room and talked about the final stretch of her nine-year relationship with Barry Bonds.

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors on Wednesday released transcripts and recordings of voicemail messages Barry Bonds. don’t portray Bonds in a flattering light. Most of the messages show Bonds angrily inquiring after.

SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Bonds’ former mistress. Called by prosecutors to the witness stand, Kimberly Bell also testified about physical and behavioral changes — including a profanity-laced outburst — she said Bonds experienced.

Baseball home-run king Barry Bonds will face former teammates and an ex-girlfriend in court next week – when they testify in a trial over whether he lied about taking.

I know America’s hatred of Barry Bonds is. Barry Bonds’ Tiny Balls Are Now a Matter. Barry Bonds’ long-time girlfriend Kimberly Bell took the stand in front.

The government is preparing for its perjury case against Barry Bonds and some of its evidence has been released. Last week we told you that Bonds’ increased head and.

Barry Bonds made his seemingly inevitable return to the Giants on Tuesday, when the organization announced that it had hired baseball's all-time home run leader as a special advisor to club president and chief executive officer Larry Baer. Bonds is expected to discuss his role on Wednesday, when he's due to arrive at.

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